Quality Assurance



Quality Assurance

The Casaretto family prides itself on a high standard of quality and conducts audits with SGS  which is an independent body, internationally recognised who thoroughly checks all aspects of our operation.

Our procedures must comply in accordance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) requirements. Casarosa Almonds Australia is dedicated to offering a high quality product and this has proven to exceed our customers’ expectations.  The business offers two grades of Almonds; Premium & Broken.  All almonds are sized in accordance with international standards as shown below.


Almond Sizes & Grading

Almond Sizes - Casarosa Australia

Almond sizes, showing number of almonds per ounce.

The second-grade product we offer, which we classify as ‘Broken’ consists of any almonds that are scratched, marked or chipped.  Due to our high standard of sorting this product is of a very good quality and can often be indistinguishable from our Premium grade product.


Processing & Packaging

The first step in processing almonds is to remove the hull and shell or hull only for in-shell product. This is known as either hulling or shelling.

Almonds are inspected to make sure they are whole, clean and well-dried.  Almonds are then processed and packed to customer specification requirements.

All the farm fresh almonds are sorted and packaged in the companies sorting facility.  The family hand sorts and selects all the almonds at a slower rate to ensure the highest quality is achieved.



How We Package Our Premium Almonds

Our almond products can be supplied in conventional cartons, bagged or in bulk.  We understand different customers and markets have varied needs.  Have a talk with us about your specific requirements and if it doesn’t already exist we will work with you closely to see if we come up with packaging that suits your needs.



Pesticide Free Almonds

We grow pesticide-free almonds.  Our family believes our growing practices produce almonds with the best flavour and highest nutritional value. All the almonds that we sell are sourced from our family farms, enabling us to provide our customers with a product that does not vary in appearance, taste or quality, which has proven to be an important point of difference for our customers.


Organic Certification

Casarosa Australia has commenced the process in gaining organic certification for one of our almond farms through Australian Certified Organic (ACO). This requires us to use organic growing practices which involve eco-friendly farming. We acknowledge that balance is crucial in sustainable agriculture systems and believe growing almonds in a more natural way produces a sweeter tastier almond that is better for you and the environment.
Our organic certification is still in the early stages and we will keep you up to date on our progress.



Casarosa Almonds Australia are producers of Farm Fresh Australian Almonds. We harvest and sell almonds in wholesale and bulk quantities to businesses all around the world. Please contact us for more Almond sales information.