Sustainable Farming

We farm almonds using permaculture farming practices.

This form of agriculture is conscious and enables us to produce almonds without compromising our future generations ability to do the same.

Using permaculture practices means we can grow almonds without the use of pesticides, pathogens and toxins. This provides beneficial habitats for bees.





We are proud to be certified as a bee friendly farm


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Our farms are located in the Riverland region of South Australia, on the iconic Murray River. We have an ideal climate in this region essential for high quality almond production.

The Casarosa Australia properties are surrounded by untouched natural bushland and have an abundance of native Australian wildlife including kangaroos, goannas and echidnas.


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Sustainable farming that protects the environment, public health and animal welfare

We are passionate about sustainable farming on our properties and look for ways to improve irrigation efficiencies and soil management practices to reduce soil erosion.

We grow cover crops to hold & protect soil from wind and water run off and incorporate organic matter back into fields.

Our trees are densely planted as this has proven to reduce water and fertiliser per acre and increase yields.

These kinds of practices make our business more environmentally sustainable long term.

Casarosa Australia makes the most efficient use of non-renewable resources, on-farm resources and integrates, where appropriate, natural biological cycles and controls.

We are focused on environmental & native wildlife preservation, sustaining vibrant communities (by creating jobs for local people) and the protection of public health.

Our almonds are not fumigated after harvest like others, instead the almonds are frozen to kill any potential problem insects naturally before packing, creating Almonds that are safer & tastier!


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