The Casarosa Story

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Casarosa Almonds Australia is a family-owned business dedicated to producing, marketing, selling and distributing premium quality Australian Farm Fresh Almonds.

The Casaretto family are second generation almond farmers. Dennis and Pam Casaretto began growing almonds on their property due to the love of the nut and its vast range of uses and health benefits.

Before too long, they decided to farm almonds commercially and started a full time farming operation growing and packaging almonds for wholesale.

Over a decade later, their son Jarrad and his wife Jackie joined the family farming business. The Casaretto family has since purchased second property nearby with the vision to plant more trees and increase production.

Between them, Jarrad and Jackie have over 25 years marketing and customer service experience in the agriculture, retail and food processing industries. They are passionate about customer service and pride themselves on exceptional customer service and understanding each customer’s specific needs.



Casarosa Almonds Australia are producers of Farm Fresh Australian Almonds. We harvest and sell almonds in wholesale and bulk quantities to businesses all around the world. Please contact us for more Almond sales information.